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Associate Professor Elisa Nemes, PhD

South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI)

Thomas Scriba


Principal Investigator, South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI), Member of the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM), Division of Immunology, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT.

SATVI’s mission is the development of new and effective prevention strategies against tuberculosis (TB), including vaccination and biomarker-targeted treatment approaches. They are testing multiple new vaccine candidates in clinical trials; and are involved with projects to address critical clinical, epidemiological, immunological and human genetic questions in TB pathogenesis and vaccine development. Activities are within an academic context, and thus include the training of postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Elisa Nemes’ particular interests focus on understanding immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis induced by vaccines and natural infection, to identify immune correlates of protection from infection and disease and to design novel immunodiagnostics, which can ultimately facilitate development and assessment of new vaccines.

Selected publications:

Mpande C.A.M., Rozot V., Mosito B., Musvosvi M., Dintwe O.B., Bilek N., Hatherill M., Scriba T.J., Nemes E. and the ACS Study Team. Immune profiling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific T cells in recent and remote infection. EBioMedicine, in press

Mpande C.A.M., Musvosvi M., Rozot V., Mosito B., Reid T.D., Schreuder C., Lloyd T., Bilek N., Huang H., Obermoser G., Davis M.M., Ruhwald M., Hatherill M., Scriba T.J*, Nemes E.* and the ACS Study Team. Antigen-specific T cell activation distinguishes between recent and remote tuberculosis infection. Am J Respir Crit Care Med, in press

Rozot V.*, Nemes E.*, Geldenhuys H., Musvosvi M., Toefy A., Rantangee F., Makhethe L., Erasmus M., Bilek N., Mabwe S., Finak G., Fulp W., Ginsberg A.M., Hokey D.A., Shey M., Gurunathan S., DiazGranados C., Bekker L.G., Hatherill M., Scriba T.J. and the C-040-404 Study Team Multidimensional analyses reveal modulation of adaptive and innate immune subsets by tuberculosis vaccines. Communications biology, Commun Biol, 2020 Oct 9; 3(1):563.

Nemes E., Abrahams D., Scriba T.J., Ratangee F., Keyser A., Makhethe L., Erasmus M., Mabwe S., Bilek N., Rozot V., Geldenhuys H., Hatherill M., Lempicki M.D., Lindebo Holm L., Bogardus L., Ginsberg A.M., Blauenfeldt T., Smith B., Ellis R.D., Loxton A.G, Walzl G., Andersen P., Ruhwald M. Diagnostic accuracy of ESAT-6 free IGRA compared to QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2019 Oct 30;69(10):1724-1730.

Nemes E.*, Geldenhuys H.*, Rozot V.*, Tucker Rutkowski K., Ratangee F., Bilek N., Mabwe S., Makhethe L., Erasmus M., Toefy A., Mulenga H., Hanekom W.A., Self S.G., Bekker L.G, Ryall R., Gurunathan S., DiazGranados C.A., Andersen P., Kromann I., Evans T., Ellis R.D., Landry B., Hokey D.A., Hopkins R., Ginsberg A.M., Scriba T.J.*, and Hatherill M.*, for the C-040-404 Study Team. Prevention of Infection with M. tuberculosis by H4:IC31 or BCG Revaccination. New England Journal of Medicine; 2018 Jul 12;379(2):138-149.

Musvosvi M., Duffy D., Filander E., Africa H., Mabwe S., Nkantsu L., Bilek N., Llibre A., Rouilly V., Hatherill M., Albert M., Scriba T.J.* and Nemes E.*. T cell biomarkers for diagnosis of tuberculosis: candidate evaluation by a simple whole blood assay for clinical translation. Eur Respir J, 2018; 51: 1800153

Mpande C.AM.*, Dintwe O.B.*, Musvosvi M., Mabwe S., Bilek N., Hatherill M., Nemes E.*, Scriba T.J* and the SATVI Clinical Immunology Team. Functional, antigen-specific stem cell memory (TSCM) CD4+ T cells are induced by human M. tuberculosis infection. Front Immunol, 2018 Mar 1;9:324

Nemes E*, Hesseling A.C.*, Tameris M., Mauff K., Downing K., Mulenga H., Rose P., van der Zalm M., Mbaba S., Van As D., Hanekom W.A., Walzl G., Scriba T.J., McShane H., Hatherill M. and the MVA029 Study Team. Safety and Immunogenicity of Newborn MVA85A Vaccination and Selective, Delayed Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) for Infants of HIV Infected Mothers: A Phase 2 Randomized Controlled Trial. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2018 Feb 1;66(4):554-563.

Nemes E.*, Rozot V.*, Geldenhuys H., Bilek N., Mabwe S., Abrahams D., Makhethe L., Erasmus M., Keyser A., Toefy A., Cloete Y., Ratangee F., Blauenfeldt T., Ruhwald M., Walzl G., Smith B., Loxton AG., Hanekom WA., Andrews JR., Lempicki MD., Ellis R., Ginsberg AM., Hatherill M., Scriba TJ.; C-040-404 Study Team and ACS Study Team. Optimization and Interpretation of Serial QuantiFERON Testing to Measure Acquisition of M. tuberculosis Infection. Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 2017 Sep 1;196(5):638-648

Nemes E., Burgers W.A., Riou C., Andersen-Nissen E., Ferrari G., Gray C.M., Scriba T.J. Teaching advanced flow cytometry in Africa: 10 years of lessons learned. Cytometry Part A, 2016 Nov; 89(11):971-974

Contact details:

Room S2.01, Wernher and Beit South Building
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Cape Town
Anzio Road
7925 Observatory,
Cape Town, 
South Africa

Tel:  +27 21 404 7606
Email: elisa.nemes@uct.ac.za

Alternate site: www.satvi.uct.ac.za/