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Transformation, as a value of the IDM, is guided by a strategy that aligns with those of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the University of Cape Town but is focused on those areas of special relevance and importance to the IDM. The strategy has been informed by the work of the Transformation Task Team (TTT) which draws its participants from within the Departments of Pathology and Integrative Biomedical Sciences, the School of Public Health and Family Medicine, and the IDM.

In framing the IDM’s transformation strategy, the IDM’s Institute Transformation Committee (ITC), chaired by Felix Dube, concentrated on the following: 

(i) What is unique to the IDM; and 
(ii) How can a sense of belonging be nurtured in the IDM? 

Membership to the ITC is voluntary, and open to all staff and students affiliated with the IDM. The Chair, Felix Dube, may be contacted regarding joining the ITC.

The ITC hosts several initiatives throughout the year. These include:

However, applications for initiatives are encouraged.

Apply to host a Transformation Initiative 

Please note that applicants will be required to collect feedback and submit a report to the ITC, within one month after the initiative has taken place.