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Anna-Lise Williamson

Principal Investigator: Prof Anna-Lise Williamson

Division of Medical Virology
Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT and
National Health Laboratory Service
Groote Schuur Hospital
Observatory 7925
South Africa

Tel: 27 21 4066124 (office)
      27 21 4066679 (secretary)

Email: anna-lise.williamson@uct.ac.za


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Group members:

Academic Staff Dr Ros Chapman HIV Vaccine development
  Dr Niki Douglass Poxviruses as vaccine vectors
  Dr Zizipho Mbulawa Human Papillomavirus Research
Academic Staff Hosted in AL Williamson group Dr Gerald Chege Non-human primate models
  Dr Tracy Meiring Virome and Microbiome Research
Personal Assistant Susan Lanfear Administrative support
Technologists/Scientist Emmanuel Margolin HIV Vaccine Development
  Shireen Galant HIV Vaccine Development
  Phindile Ximba HIV Vaccine Development
  Michiel van Diepen HIV Vaccine Development
  Ruzaiq Omar Veterinary Vaccine Development
  Nai-Chung (Jack) Hu Human Papillomavirus
Technology/Scientist (GK Chege team) hosted in AL Williamson group Alana Keyser
Craig Adams
Non-human primate models
Non-human primate models
Laboratory Manager Fatima Abrahams All projects
Project Manager Linda Stephens SHIP Project
Animal Lab Assistant Kelvin Africa Mouse care



UCTVRG GLP Laboratory
Laboratory run according to principles of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) to ensure that test data produced is reliable and mutually acceptable globally. A GLP laboratory was established at UCT for potency assays on SAAVI  DNA-C2  with quality assurance input from NHLS staff.  This lab is regularly inspected by SANAS and has been GLP compliant to OECD principles since February 2005.
Director Professor Anna-Lise Williamson
Test Facility Management Professor Carolyn Williamson
Project Manager/ GLP Test Facility management Dr Katrina Downing
GLP Study Director Dr Etienne Hurter
GLP Equipment and Safety Officers Dr Janice Ogden,
GLP Study Personnel Craig Adams, Shireen Galant,
GLP Archivist Debbie Stewart
Quality Assurance Team from NHLS Maureen Lambrick, Tom Smith, Leigh Johnson
Post-Doctoral Scientists Dr Zizipho Mbulawa, Dr Tracy Meiring