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“Tissue resident Th2 memory cells in allergic asthma”

Dr Michelle Epstein

Medical University of Vienna

[Host: Prof Frank Brombacher, IDM/ICGEB]

Michelle Epstein is a Medical Doctor and research scientist with a specialty in Internal medicine and allergy and clinical immunology. Her work is with mouse models of immune and allergic disease aimed at validation of for pre-clinical assessment and for mechanistic studies and as a replacement for non-human primate testing. She has a broad background in clinical internal medicine, biochemistry, organic chemistry, immunology and basic research. She completed one term as a member of SCENIHR (2013-2016) and was the rapporteur of the SCENIHR working group on ‘Synthetic Biology’. She is currently on the ESFA working group on the ‘Development of supplementary guidelines for the allergenicity assessment of GM plants’. The activities in DG Santè committees and working groups have improved her knowledge and skills involved with risk assessment.

Mon, 10 Dec 2018 -
12:00 to 13:00

Jolly Lecture Theatre