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Video: IDM overview

IDM Overview

Video: IDM short overview

IDM Short Overview

Video: IDM young researchers

Young Researchers at the IDM

Video: IAS2017

(2017) The International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference 2017 on HIV Science held in Paris, co-chaired by Professor Linda-Gail Bekker, President of the IAS and COO of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre based in the IDM

Opening speech given by Linda-Gail Bekker (PDF)

The International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference 2017. Opening press conference, led by Linda-Gail Bekker
Video: IAS2017 closing The International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference 2017. Closing rapporteurs, and address by Linda-Gail Bekker (from 1.29hrs)
(2017) Beat TB - Stories of Engagement,  a digital story about Lienkie se Longe, a Wellcome Trust funded engagement program which took TB messages to the Cape Winelands community during 2016. More details here
Video: Fighting TB (2015)  Fighting TB: partnership between SATVI in the IDM, and the University of Oxford. An insight into SATVI’s vaccine research led by Mark Hatherill and Thomas Scriba against South Africa's insidious TB epidemic, in collaboration with their international partners including Professor Helen McShane, University of Oxford.
Video: Plant Vaccines (2015)  Plant vaccines. A documentary on biopharming, also featuring Ed Rybicki's Biopharming Research Unit; released on the SABC TV programme 50/50.
Video: PredArt TB-IRIS

(2015)  PredArt TB-IRIS clinical trial, conducted by Graeme Meintjes and colleagues, released as part of the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) presentation to the European parliament in commemoration of World TB Day 2015.

Video: TB Research in the IDM

(2015) TB research in the IDM, insight into TB (and other) research in the IDM with its focus on the basic and clinical sciences, informed by public health sciences in particular clinical epidemiology

Advancing tuberculosis vaccines for the world AERAS & SATVI (2015) Advancing tuberculosis vaccines for the world; AERAS and SATVI working together in the South African communities (screened at the Union World Conference on Lung Health 2015).
Video: Ebola virus

(2014)  Ebola Virus Disease and Outbreak: News24 Interview with Professor Clive Gray

Video: Val Mizrahi

(2011)  UCT's Prof Valerie Mizrahi on TB research