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The IDM prides itself on our constant updating and introduction of new laboratory equipment, providing cutting edge technology and facilitating our mission –  conducting basic research that is leading-edge and relevant to the needs of African people, and developing indigenous scientific capacity in the biomedical sciences.

Health and safety goes hand in hand with cutting edge research – see the IDM Intranet (available to UCT staff and students only) for further information and documentation

For any further queries relating to the items listed on this page, please contact Ms Berenice Arendse, IDM H&S Officer and Laboratory Manager,


Interactive Network of all Core Facilities Equipment

  IDM Equipment

The IDM’s Interactive Network lists all equipment operated in the IDM as core facilities and those pieces of equipment held by IDM Members which are available to others to use. Note: some items will have a user fee and booking system for use.

The following can be selected in the graphic network:

  • All IDM equipment
  • IDM Member accessible equipment
  • IDM core facility equipment
  • IDM flow facilities
  • IDM BSL3 facilities

To facilitate viewing of links, note the zoom-in-out and fit-screen tabs, and the left-hand text panel where further directions are given [which can be reduced using the 3 dots]. The panel includes a Search button; clustering of equipment of interest; and further information on any one item - where based and contact person & their details.

Note: Generic items such as centrifuges, PCR machines, incubators, hoods, fridge/freezers etc. are not included in the network.



  The IDM Flow Cytometry & Sorting Core Facilities

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility aims to provide innovative, comprehensive, and reliable flow cytometric services. It contains 3 high-end multiparameter flow cytometers (two BD LSR IIs, and one BD LSRFortessa). All instruments have a Blue-Red-Violet-Green configuration and are able to detect up to 20 parameters (18 fluorescence parameters).

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  The IDM Proteomics & Metabolomics Platform

A suite of high-end mass spectrometers is available for use, including:

  • A Sciex 6600 Triple TOF
  • A Thermo Q Exactive quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spec
  • A Thermo TSQ Vantage triple quadrupole mass spec
  • A Sciex 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF.
  • And a suite of associated nano-LCs.

The Platform has extensive experience in proteomics, phosphoproteomics, metaproteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics.  We have expertise in the analyses of a wide variety of biological samples, utilising both discovery MS (both label-free and label-based) and quantitative targeted MS-based assays.

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  Imaging platforms

The Confocal and Light Microscope Imaging Facility ( is a core advanced light microscope facility on the Faculty of Health Sciences UCT campus.  It offers UCT and other local researchers access to super and near-super resolution, real-time live cell and tissue imaging including a multitude of quantitative imaging and analysis techniques.

The facility is located in the Anatomy Building, level 3, rooms 3.14 & 3.18, and in Wernher & Beit South (BSLIII laboratory of the IDM), and Falmouth L3, (BSLII laboratory).  

Imaging capabilities in the BSLIII include an ImageXpressMicro Confocal, only accessible for those who complete a basic BSLIII induction course. Allows live-cell time-lapse microscopy, with sample flexibility (round, flat, tissue, etc).

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  Computational biology

The IDM has a dedicated Bioinformatician, Dr. Katie Lennard, to assist IDM Members, staff and students [only] with data analyses. Requests for support should be submitted by completing a services request form. These should be submitted during the planning stages of the project, to allow the development of data analysis pipelines tailored to the research needs. The IDM bioinformatics support follows a collaborative model where all roles would be scientific and not purely technical. Such collaboration should apply the ICMJE guidelines regarding authorship.

Ad hoc requests from IDM Members, staff and students [only] i.e. <8 hours required, will be handled on a case-by-case basis, submitted via email ( Alternatively, IDM Members can call in on a Wednesday morning between 09:30am and 12:30pm, Wernher & Beit North room N1.06.


  Histology Unit

The Histology Unit is based in the Department of Surgery, Old Main Building, Groote Schuur Hospital. It is managed and serviced by Ms Lizette Fick who is sponsored by the IDM, with administrative assistance from the Division of Immunology.

The facilities provided are: trimming, processing and embedding of tissue; cutting of normal as well as APES coated slides, and histochemical staining. Costs are incurred with each job requested.