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Professor Gregory Hussey PhD(UCT) FRSSAf Fellow of UCT

Vaccines for Africa (VACFA)

Gregory Hussey

Director, Vaccines for Africa, & Full Member of the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM), Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT.

Gregory Hussey has a long and distinguished history with the Faculty and is a leading academic with strong management background. He was founder Director of the IDM, and has several years’ experience at Faculty Executive level having served on the Deanery (Faculty Health Sciences) as Senior Research and Policy Advisor since 2013, and as Deputy Dean for Research from 2009-2011. He was Interim Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences until mid-2016. 

Greg’s main research interest has been in the field of vaccine preventable diseases, including TB. In 2001 he started the South African TB Vaccine Initiative; their mission is to contribute to the development of new TB vaccines. In 2009 Greg founded the Vaccines for Africa Initiative (VACFA; VACFA is a non-profit academic unit directed by Greg. It is based in the IDM and is a partnership of concerned individuals and organisations who have come together with the goal of increasing awareness of, and promoting uptake of, vaccines on the African continent.  VACFA provides a forum for the exchange of accurate, up-to-date and fully researched information on vaccines and immunisation practices relevant to Africa for health professionals, policymakers, programme managers, parents, and the general public. Greg is also the convenor of the Annual UCT-based week long African Vaccinology course.


Selected recent publications:

Wiysonge, C.S., Abdullahi, L.H., Ndze, V.N., Hussey, G.D. Public stewardship of private for-profit healthcare providers in low- and middle-income countries. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (2016) 8:CD009855

Abdullahi, L.H., Kagina, B.M., Cassidy, T., Adebayo, E.F., Wiysonge, C.S., Hussey, G.D. Knowledge, attitudes and practices on adolescent vaccination among adolescents, parents and teachers in Africa: A systematic review. Vaccine (2016) 34(34):3950

Wiysonge, C.S., Waggie, Z., Hawkridge, A., Schoub, B.D., Madhi, S.A., Rees, H., Hussey, G.D. The Cape Town Declaration on Vaccines 2012: Unlocking the full potential of vaccines in Africa. Vaccine (2016) 34(33):3713

Zak, D.E., Penn-Nicholson, A., Scriba, T.J., Thompson, E., Suliman, S., Amon, L.M., Mahomed, H., Erasmus, M., Whatney, W., Hussey, G.D., Abrahams, D., Kafaar, F., Hawkridge, T., Verver, S., Hughes, E.J., Ota, M., Sutherland, J., Howe, R., Dockrell, H.M., Boom, W.H., Thiel, B., Ottenhoff, T.H.M., Mayanja-Kizza, H., Crampin, A.C., Downing, K., Hatherill, M., Valvo, J., Shankar, S., Parida, S.K., Kaufmann, S.H.E., Walzl, G., Aderem, A., Hanekom, W.A. A blood RNA signature for tuberculosis disease risk: a prospective cohort study. The Lancet (2016) 387(10035):2312

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Muloiwa, R., Dube, F.S., Nicol, M.P., Zar, H.J., Hussey, G.D. Incidence and diagnosis of pertussis in South African children hospitalized with lower respiratory tract infection. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal (2016) 35(6):611

Wiysonge, C.S., Waggie, Z., Hawkridge, A., Schoub, B., Madhi, S.A., Rees, H., Hussey, G. Advocating for efforts to protect African children, families, and communities from the threat of infectious diseases: Report of the first international African vaccinology conference. Pan African Medical Journal (2016) 23

Hussey, H.S., Abdullahi, L.H., Collins, J.E., Muloiwa, R., Hussey, G.D., Kagina, B.M. Varicella zoster virus-associated morbidity and mortality in Africa: A systematic review protocol. BMJ Open (2016) 6(4): e010213

Fletcher, H.A., Filali-Mouhim, A., Nemes, E., Hawkridge, A., Keyser, A., Njikan, S., Hatherill, M., Scriba, T.J., Abel, B., Kagina, B.M., Veldsman, A., Agudelo, N.M., Kaplan, G., Hussey, G.D., Sekaly, R.-P., Hanekom, W.A., Minnies, D., Tanner, R., Chung, C.K.C.K., Cameron, M.J., Goulet, J.-P., Gaujoux, R., Hughes, J., Gelderbloem, S., Iloni, K., Buchanan, M., van der Merwe, L., Burger, A., Denation, L., Mlanjeni, S., Abrahams, S., Shepherd, R., Geldenhuys, M., Seoighe, C., Soares, A., Gamieldien, H., Sidibana, M., Mahomed, H., McShane, H., Hill, A.V.S. Human newborn bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination and risk of tuberculosis disease: A case-control study. BMC Medicine (2016) 14(1):76


Contact details:

Room 2.09, Wernher & Beit North
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Cape Town
Anzio Rd
Observatory 7925
South Africa

Tel:  +27 21 406 6101
Fax: +27 21 406 6068


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