About us

Robert Wilkinson

Principal Investigator:
Robert. J. Wilkinson MA PhD DTM&H FRCP

Director, Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases Research in Africa (CIDRI-Africa)
Honorary Professor

Wellcome Senior Fellow, Professor in Infectious Diseases (Imperial College London)
Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute Mill Hill Laboratory, London

Room 3.3.05
Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine
UCT Faculty Of Health Sciences
Observatory 7925

Tel:  27 21 406 6084
Fax: 27 21 406 6796

Email: robert.wilkinson@uct.ac.za


This is a research grouping that houses members of any academic rank from any University Department who may benefit common equipment and some core facilities. Management is horizontal with subgroup leaders encouraged to develop their own internal, national and international collaborations according to project needs and within the constraints of the research contracts that support them. Major subgroupings are co-ordinated by Graeme Meintjes, Molebogeng Rangaka, and Katalin Wilkinson with support staff flexibly deployed wherever possible. Members may also belong to other research groupings.

The Wilkinson Group is also a major part of the larger Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative at the University of Cape Town (www.cidri.uct.ac.za)

Wilkinson group


Graeme Meintjes Katalin Wilkinson Anna Coussens
Graeme Meintjes Katalin Wilkinson Anna Coussens



Group members:

Name Position Room Tel ext. e-mail
Robert J Wilkinson Honorary Professor and Head of Group 3.03.5 WP 6084 Robert.Wilkinson@uct.ac.za
Graeme Meintjes Professor and Intermediate Wellcome Trust Fellow, NRF SARChI Chair N2.09b WBN 6075 graemein@mweb.co.za
Katalin A Wilkinson Associate Professor and Senior Investigator Scientist, Francis Crick Institute, London N2.09b WBN 6906 Katalin.Wilkinson@uct.ac.za
Anna Coussens Senior Lecturer in Pathology N2.09B WBN 6603 Anna.coussens@uct.ac.za
Molebogeng Rangaka Honorary Research Associate University College London NA mxrangaka@yahoo.co.uk
Armin Deffur Senior Research Medical Officer S3.13 WBS 6079 a.deffur@uct.ac.za
Hanif Esmail Honorary Research Associate Oxford University NA hanifesmail@gmail.com
Naomi Walker Honorary Research Associate Imperial College, London NA n.walker@imperial.ac.uk
David Barr Honorary Research Associate, Wellcome Trust PhD Fellow 3.03 WP  (University of Liverpool) 6389 David.Barr@liverpool.ac.uk
Charlotte Schutz Research Medical Officer, MRC Clinical PhD student N2.09b WBN Charlotte.Schutz@uct.ac.za
Friedrich Thienemann Senior Research Medical Officer S3.13 WBS & Khayelitsha Clinic 6079 or 0213614592 Friedrich.Thienemann@uct.ac.za
Neesha Rockwood Honorary Research Associate 3.03 WP 6389 n.rockwood@imperial.ac.uk
Cari Stek Honorary Research Associate Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Cari_stek@hotmail.com
Lisette Blumenthal Medical Officer Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 riverbliz@gmail.com
Amy Ward Medical Officer Khayelitsha Hospital 0783701250 amyward41@gmail.com
Elsa Du Bruyn Medical Officer 3.03 WP 6389 elsa.dubruyn@uct.ac.za
Natacha Berkowitz Medical Officer Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 natachaberkowitz@gmail.com
Sandra Mukasa Medical Officer Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Sandra.Mukasa@uct.ac.za
Muki Shey Senior Research Officer N2.09b WBN   Muki.Shey@uct.ac.za
Unice Vorster Medical Officer Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Unice.Vorster@uct.ac.za
Allison Seeger NIH Fogarty Post Doctoral Fellow S3.13 WBS 6079 Seeger.ae@gmail.com
Anastasia Koch Post Doctoral Fellow S3.13 WBS 6079 KCHANA001@myuct.ac.za
Nashied Peton Carnegie Corporation Post Doctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina S3.13 WBS 6079 nashexplorer@gmail.com
Abhimanyu Abhimanyu Post Doctoral Fellow S3.13 WBS 6079 Abhimanyu.abhimanyu@uct.ac.za
Amanda Jackson Data Systems Manager 3.03.4 WP 0216501854 Amanda.Jackson@uct.ac.za
Vanessa January Laboratory Manager 3.03.4 WP 6609 Vanessa.January@uct.ac.za
Francisco Lakay Laboratory Technologist 3.03 WP 6389 f.lakay@uct.ac.za
Nishtha Jhilmeet Wellcome Trust Masters Fellow in PHTM 3.03 WP 6389 jhlnis001@myuct.ac.za
Nomfundo Sibiya MRC PhD student 3.03 WP 6389 nvsibiya0@gmail.com
Kathryn Wood Initiative Manager 3.03.6 WP 6797 Kathryn.Wood@uct.ac.za
Rene Goliath Projects Co-ordinator 3.03.6 WP 0216501938 Rt.goliath@uct.ac.za
Yolande Harley Research Enterprise Manager, Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty Research Office, 1st floor, Barnard Fuller Building 6086 Yolande.Harley@uct.ac.za
Erika Morey Administrative Assistant 3.03 WP 6700/6389 Erika.Morey@uct.ac.za
Ed Young Graphic Designer Edward.Young@uct.ac.za
Zandile Ciko Community Liaison Officer Khayelitsha Clinic 213614592 Zandile.Ciko@uct.ac.za
Antoneta Mashinyira Data Control Co-ordinator Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Antoneta.Mashinyira@uct.ac.za
Nomvula Makade Data Capturer Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Nomvulu.Makade@uct.ac.za
Meagan McMaster Senior Data Capturer 3.03 WP X6389 Meagan.McMaster@uct.ac.za
Lorraine Swanepoel Pharmacist Khayelitsha Clinic  0213614520 Loraine.Swanepoel@uct.ac.za
Phila Mawu Clinical Study Co-ordinator Khayelitsha Clinic  0213614592 Phila.Mawu@uct.ac.za
Nashreen Omar -Davies Radiographer Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Nash.omar-davies@uct.ac.za
Amy Nair Study Co-Ordinator Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Amy.Nair@uct.ac.za , Amynair04@gmail.com
Sicelo Sindelo Research Nurse Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Sicelo.Sindelo@uct.ac.za
Yolisa Sigila Senior Research Nurse Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Yolisa.Sigila@uct.ac.za
Monica Magwayi Counsellor Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Magwayimonica4@gmail.com
Bekekile Kwaza Clinical Research Worker Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 bkwaza@webmail.co.za
Thembisa Ngcuka Clinical Research Worker Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Thembisa.Ngcuku@uct.ac.za
Nonceba Gobe Clinical Research Worker Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Nonceba.Gobe@uct.ac.za
Nobom Masimini Clinical Research Worker Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Nobom.Masimini@uct.ac.za
Pamela Van Wyhe Assistant Nurse Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 pvanwyhe@gmail.com
MK(Mkhanyiseli Kenneth)Mpalali Clinical Research Worker Khayelitsha Hospital amyward41@gmail.com
Brian Basini Logistics Assistant Khayelitsha Clinic 0213614592 Brian.Basini@uct.ac.za
Munira Khan Medical Officer King Dinuzulu Hospital Durban   Munira.Khan@uct.ac.za
Primrose Mpangase Project Manager King Dinuzulu Hospital Durban   Primrose.Mpangase@uct.ac.za
Nokuthula Maluleka Research Assistant King Dinuzulu Hospital Durban   Nokuthula.Maluleka@uct.ac.za