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Core Facilities

The IDM Flow Cytometry & Sorting Core Facilities

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility aims to provide innovative, comprehensive, and reliable flow cytometric services. It contains 3 high-end multiparameter flow cytometers (two BD LSR IIs, and one BD LSRFortessa). All instruments have a Blue-Red-Violet-Green configuration and are able to detect up to 20 parameters (18 fluorescence parameters).

The IDM Proteomics & Metabolomics Platform

The Platform has extensive experience in proteomics, phosphoproteomics, metaproteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics.  We have expertise in the analyses of a wide variety of biological samples, utilising both discovery MS (both label-free and label-based) and quantitative targeted MS-based assays.

Imaging platforms

The Confocal and Light Microscope Imaging Facility is a core advanced light microscope facility on the Faculty of Health Sciences UCT campus.  It offers UCT and other local researchers access to super and near-super resolution, real-time live cell and tissue imaging including a multitude of quantitative imaging and analysis techniques. The facility is located in the Anatomy Building, level 3, rooms 3.14 & 3.18, and in Wernher & Beit South (BSLIII laboratory of the IDM), and Falmouth L3, (BSLII laboratory). Imaging capabilities in the BSLIII include an ImageXpressMicro Confocal, only accessible for those who complete a basic BSLIII induction course. Allows live-cell time-lapse microscopy, with sample flexibility (round, flat, tissue, etc).